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First there was Internet, then came dail-up followed by broadband, Wi-Fi and now WiMax. WiMAX is defined as Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access.WiMAX is described as "a standards-based technology enabling the delivery of last mile wireless broadband access as an alternative to cable and DSL".

Most bloggers at least in India use broadband connection. The biggest problem with broadband is the cable. On days you want it most, the connections are down due to problems associated with cable. The way out till date was the Wi-Fi connections available in cafes and other public places. So, you were out of your home, in the least. It was as good as visiting you local Internet cafe. Now, with WiMax, things may change.

WiMAX is a second-generation protocol that allows for more efficient bandwidth use, interference avoidance(experienced in Wi-Fi connections), and is intended to allow higher data rates over longer distances.WiMAX can provide broadband wireless access (BWA) up to 30 miles (50 km) for fixed stations, and 3 - 10 miles (5 - 15 km) for mobile stations and is capable of data speeds of 10 mbps from the radio transmitter.

Many companies are closely examining WiMAX for "last mile" connectivity at high data rates. This could result in lower pricing for both home and business customers as competition lowers prices. Have a look at the span of the WiMax partner programme:


MTNL is testing WiMax services in Mumbai and Delhi. VSNL is readying a Wimax network in Bangalore and plans to reach to 50 cities by the second half of this year. All these services are waiting for the Government to finalize rules of entry of broadband wireless providers.

So next quarter, you could see businesses move to WiMax and six months from now, the probability of cheaper WiMax in our homes is not a distant dream but a distinct possibility.

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Tulga said…
Hi, how are you doing? what do u do? interested in WiMax? because i'm interested in WiMax too, and my job is too!
Siddhartha said…
Yes, WiMax interests me. I would be changing over to WiMax when the prices are right. As i blog about Delhi, and WiMax is coming to Delhi soon, so i have the send out the message.

Thanks Tyra. I will in touch.


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