Election time Issues

The election for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) are scheduled for 5th April, 2007. Its a time where the delhiwalla, delhiite and omnibus have a say in the future of city.

It is strange that the main issue in the elections to the MCD is 'inflation'. What can councilor do to tame inflation ? Inflation is an issue even beyond state governments and only the union government can do something about it. And still the issue of 'inflation' is everywhere in these MCD elections. It is understandable the rise in the prices of daily use items are close to the heart of the voting population, but, the main issue in election of such bodies should be water supply, traffic, pollution, civic amenities and things like that, and don't forget that an seating councilor gets Rs. 1 crore for development work in his/her ward.

One thing can be done, we can keep a watch on what councilor are doing to develop their ward, so that some development in civic amenities in the city does take place. The living conditions in the city is appalling.

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