Summer Drinks

This summer, you are in for targeted marketing campaigns seeking your attention to the various drinks you should drink.

In the US, the cola giants Coca-Cola and Pepsi are noticing declining sales of their products Coke Classic and Pepsi respectively. They are moving towards fortified soft drinks containing vitamins and minerals, which are seen to be healthy. Experts caution that though these beverages are better than regular soft drinks, but consumers are better off getting their nutrients from natural foods, rather than fortified soft drinks.

Add to it the incessant need of Delhites for beer. Now that the Delhi State Civil Supplies Corporation (DSCSC), one of the four liquor selling corporations of the city deciding in favour of requisition refrigerators on wheels so that the customers get chilled beer at any time of the day, the competition for the cool drink is hotting up this summer.

So, it does not come as a surprise, that Pepsi is trying to re-launch Gatorade, an energy and sports drink targeted towards sports persons during this World Cup Cricket Tournament. First, the trends are changing towards healthy beverages and Secondly, this segment, according to reports is growing at 10.7% annually.

The the question still remains, what do you drink this summer? Is it going to be limbu pani, Coke/Pepsi or its variants, packaged fruit juices, energy drinks, beer or just chilled water. For me, its going to be beer ( I am still within my weight-height-age limits). You decide what do you want to drink this summer!

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