The Surmise

Some typical news this weekend :-

1. Election time politics

2. Traffic violations to gets costlier ( we are paying more for everything these days)

3. Admission Age confusion continues

4. Happy Developers

5. Holi falls on Sunday (4th March), dry day that is.

Election time politics


Every time elections are declared in any of the big States in the country, issues of corruption takes center stage. Uttar Pradesh elections are no different. Allegations of corruption about the incumbent Chief Minister is being probed by central agencies.

The main question here is, does the electorate buy this argument about corruption and vote accordingly or corruption has been discounted per se, by the Indian psyche. I think the later holds firm.

Traffic violations to gets costlier


The government of Delhi would be issuing notification steeply hiking fines for traffic offenses. The silver lining here is that, only those drivers who have at least passed 10+ 2 will permitted to drive Buses in Delhi.

An PIL (Public Interest Litigation) seeking the intervention of the Delhi High Court to curb road accidents has led to this proactive step. So, next time you see a DTC or a Blue line bus rolling beside you, there is no need to panic.

Admission Age confusion continues


In the latest turn of events in this episode has led the Delhi High Court on Wednesday to ask the Delhi government to reduce the two-year nursery to one year and allow only four year olds to be admitted to Class 1.

On Thursday, Delhi government objected to the proposal of the High Court.

Expect 2008-09 admission process to get clear. This year, its still cloudy. Good luck parents.

Happy Developers


At least the Finance Minister has made one lot of people happy. They are the builders of the NCR. By offering them a five year tax holiday for new hotels up to four star category, this segment has come alive.

With Commonwealth Games in 2010 and Delhi pitching in for Asiads in 2014, the mood can't get any better.

Dry Sunday


Holi falls on Sunday this year. So, it will be a dry day. If you wanna keep wet this season, make your arrangements quick. You only got a Saturday left.

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