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The significant trend

Two trends are set to dominate the Indian mindspace, this summer and for some time to come:- Indian affluence : It is a happy note for all Indians. First, the affluence, the Indian are seeing today have been created by their our opportunism. Secondly, this trend has become so deep rooted that, it has spilled over to other sectors of the economy and has helped in increased productivity all around. But, the fact remains that, a large population of this vast country still does not have access to basic necessities of life. Just see around you. What is our contribution for those, who are less privileged ? Philanthropy can be a way out, but it is an easy way out. We, have to devise better methods to address this problem as we have done in other sectors of our economy. Reservations : Like it or not, reservations in various facets of the Indian institutional life have taken root and may increase in the coming years. What worries me is that, it may end up segregating the basic fiber on whic

Does democracy start and end with election !

Its just a coincidence or a pre-planned affair, would be for everybody to notice and reflect. A week or so before the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections,the power cut which used to take place for 3-5 hours a day, suddenly stopped and the very next day after the elections, the power cuts resumed. This small incident goes on to show the 'other side' of democracy. If such tricks take place in Delhi, I am not surprised to see people all over the country have taken to the courts for getting redressal on various civic issues including the prevailing traffic system. My question is simple, does democracy start and end with elections? It is the experience of people that their elected representatives once elected vanished for five years. Even when, the tenure of elected representative got shorter due to the delicate nature of coalition politics, still the people did not have the fortune of meeting or seeing their representative more often. It was same for newly elected