Love It or Hate It, you have gotta have it !

Love it or hate it, we need a government which completes its tenure. When a government achieves a milestone like the present UPA [coalition] government completing 3 years in office, we are generally pre-occupied with discussing the achievements/shortcomings of the government.What we forget, in this cacophony, is the fact that, there is always a probability that the coalition government would fall earlier than its tenure. So, if such an event has not materialised, then, what we reap instead is stability of governance, continuity in policies and growth ( blame the present economic boom for it).

If we are overtly critical ( I think the time is to be blamed - 3 years gone, 2 years remaining) of any coalition government, which is running smoothly, we have not fully discounted the fact that there is every possibility of it falling before completing its tenure. And strangely, when a coalition government is lasting the full tenure, we start to treat and evaluate it as a single party government, which is not fair.

It is this conundrum, few are willing to bring to the public discussion arena.

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