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Deary Dead Earth

In times of turmoil, everybody looks towards the leader. In his/her absence, it becomes difficult to make sense of what is happening and what needs to be done. In the financial world the 'value' leadership is end and the new leader is yet to emerge. [Credit:]  So, it seems the times are chaotic not because there the things that are happening, but because, a strong leader is yet to emerge.  In this era of collective leadership, the figure one needs to look towards is not an individual anymore but a sort of financial wizardry which may come to rule.  In the Financial Institution setup, which works in a methodology of its own, the ordinary investor, is yet to find guidance in these troubled markets. On on 12th June, the sudden spurt in both the indices, BSE Sensex and NSE Nifty was only due to creation of value,  according to experts.  The values could not be sustained even for a day and therefore 13th June, 2008 saw

Have Money, Spend it

I read Monika Halan's article  in 'Outlook Money' sometime back, and she had an interesting and forceful argument on the impact of inflation on urban citizens.  She contended that as the salaries of urbanites are inflation proof, who cares about inflation. I can't agree less. Only one thing bothers me now, 'How would our behavior change in a inflationary economy?'.  Shall we keep on spending, as we did earlier.  May be not.  But then, these are the period where the distinction between the well off and very well off becomes apparent. Ordinarily, people will curtail their expenditure and most importantly, the investment component of saving will have a sharp fall.  It would be normal to expect such a behavior.   But, then smart and most probably the rich ( the very well off) would behave differently and their investment component would increase in times of turmoil such as the times we are living in. What I am saying in is that in a sea-saw economic condition, th

Those few questions...

Why do i write or for whom should I write, is the 'basic question' in any form of writing.   It would seem foolish, to share some of the anxiety and trepidations inside me  on this question with my readers.  These days, such behaviour would be construed as unprofessional.  But, I would like to share some of my views on the subject with you all, my readers. It is common, when you write regularly on variety of subjects to run out of run out of motivation and all sorts of things happen.  It takes personal discipline, a high degree of motivation and a singular sense of purpose to keep on doing things.  A few who tread these paths with purpose, technically find 'nirvana'.  I am not in that list.  I started, faltered, learnt and then lost focus.  So, the ideas in my mind decayed and in its place came in other ideas which were not for writing.  Losing interest in things, is easy, as I have found out.  I have blamed many a people, circumstances and self for this.