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Thoughts on ongoing recession?

I don’t see recession anywhere except in newspapers and expert speak.  Look all around and there is vitality, growth and you see something is happening everywhere.  I was even approached for a Multi-Level Scheme recently and these things don’t thrive in a recessionary environment. Then why are we worrying about the recession, even though the markets (Share Markets) have recovered from the lows?   A recent reading of facts do reveal that the ground situation in the American continent and in Europe has improved (The Fed Chief got an extension for his efforts in dealing with the recessionary environment) but much has been lost and much has to happen before the recession is officially called off. The next few months would be vital and a clear picture would emerge sometime in October when the next quarter results are announced and government data on various parameters are out.  Much also depends on this country's domestic consumption.  We will be faring better and it would be

The ordinary post by an ordinary indian

With ' Swine flu ' all around, it has became pertinent to think of an answer on the ways and means to face a pandemic. It would be prudent to expect emergency services to take over only after initial attack as taken place. The question which is paramount is that, what do I do when I see a person, who according to me is infected(may be of any disease)? Can I get in touch with any public authority having means to address the problem? In the US there is the 911 standard service across the country. It is high time to have such a service in our country also. Look at Indian Railways, they have the 139 all India service. Having a common pan India number would mean that individual can be of use by way of passing information to a centralised authority and the information reaches the desired destination and therefore speedy resolution of the problem can take place. There is another aspect to it. Many small actions/incidents which go out of control because the proper authorities


Blood. The word evokes extreme emotions. Today, I donated blood after a gap of 15 years. The experience was the same even after a decade. The sense of pride in doing something good, giving back something I have always taken for granted was pervasive. The only thing that struck me is- Why hadn't I donated blood more often? But, then it is never late to start ... []

Increase in everything except pay!

Some news is bound to grab our attention.  The recent being the case for the increase in tuition fees for students studying in Private unaided schools to accommodate 25 per cent students admitted for belonging to reserved categories and who will not be paying fees as per the Right of Children to Free and  Compulsory Education Act, 2009.   I admit that it may not be a big issue as of now, but the issue has wider ramifications. The logic being that any increase in tuition fees should be justified.  To put in plain English - increase in tuition fees should be made in a periodic manner to account for inflation and any interim or abrupt increase and should primarily be for qualitative enhancement of the education experience. The ideas envisaged in the Act may be noble, but its implementation requires sensitive handling.  As for me, I will never be willing to pay anything extra for the same thing.  Will anybody increase my pay for doing the same thing, I doubt. [https://pixaba

The Climate has become Definitive

I came to Delhi in the early summer of 1998.  It was cooler in the  April of 1998.  But, I never thought it would be equally hot and unbearable in the summer of 1999.  That memory has long been lost in the soothing summer that followed. But again it seems, when we forget history it is bound to repeat itself.  Even with all the modern amenities, the summer of 2009 will be there in my memory for at least another 10 years particularly for the reasons, which I forgot soon after 1999.   Climate is moody and cyclic and it is we who forget but do we should not be forgiven for it. Sometimes, it may look brazen, sometimes we do blame it on climate change and sometimes we have to blame it on the collective loss of memory to events which have happened in our lifetimes which we have chosen to ignore.  Climate is changing but not in a drastic manner as has been pointed out to us.  It seems that modern gadgets have become less adaptable to the changing moods of nature.  With such fast life