Increase in everything except pay!

Some news is bound to grab our attention.  The recent being the case for the increase in tuition fees for students studying in Private unaided schools to accommodate 25 per cent students admitted for belonging to reserved categories and who will not be paying fees as per the Right of Children to Free and  Compulsory Education Act, 2009.   I admit that it may not be a big issue as of now, but the issue has wider ramifications.

The logic being that any increase in tuition fees should be justified.  To put in plain English - increase in tuition fees should be made in a periodic manner to account for inflation and any interim or abrupt increase and should primarily be for qualitative enhancement of the education experience.

The ideas envisaged in the Act may be noble, but its implementation requires sensitive handling.  As for me, I will never be willing to pay anything extra for the same thing.  Will anybody increase my pay for doing the same thing, I doubt.



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