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Traveller by choice

New read travel writing in my life until I stumbled upon a travel magazine by the name ‘Outlook Traveller’.  I still read it to this day, every month.  But, why I loved the magazine and travel books, which I have discovered from that time, had kept me thinking… the revelation has come just a few days back. A person who does not fit into any sampling demographic,  who is part of the crowd but does not behave like the crowd is a loner…and traveller are loners.  I was that loner who was floating and travelling and travel writing have made me comfortable and the loner has found his muse and perfect one also. So, I am a traveller by choice, only that I have discovered it late.  But … I have found it nonetheless. [Credit:]

The Slower Days are here…

If it were not for these days for which I had been waiting, the post would not have been there in the first place. I wait long months for the days of February and March for two reasons.  First, I am left with much time to myself and the prospect of planning a trip home. So, as the days, I call them slower days, have arrived, it is obvious that I am in for better mood and spirits. I have made Delhi my home, for reasons which are clear.  The city gives me the means which has led me to live a reasonable life.  This city is where I can get lost at will and don’t have to think what the other fella is thinking about me..gosh he is busy with his life to stop and think about me. Unknown-ness has a meaning in this city.  Obviously, I am from a small town. As the sense of time seeps in, the longing for days of childhood increases.  Would my childhood friends remember the time I am longing?  Recently, I found a friend from childhood who has completely forgotten me.  As I see my childr